To obtain representation, you must have an active and well-known office with at least three active colleagues with specializations: one person is a business expert, one is a market research expert, and one is an expert familiar with IT.
The description of the issue of cooperation is presented in the attached catalog which is prepared for the representatives of the company to read and review.

o Simentone company facilities:

It has a company-owned headquarters in one of the best hotels

The towers of the city of Istanbul are in the Joyseli district of Maltepe neighborhood.
It has a production workshop in the industrial area of Chorlu, 100 kilometers west of Istanbul.
It has a showroom with an area of about 100 meters in the city of Chorlu, and we are in the process of setting up a showroom in the city of Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

We have a warehouse with an area of about two thousand meters near Istanbul for the depot, which is equipped with forklifts and personnel and storekeepers.
We have an intra-urban car We have created all the infrastructures of the internet business space and we have active accounts in all virtual space networks.
In Trendyol the largest online Shop Turkey, which is the 8th European company in terms of turnover, is a register and we have the ability to sell goods online in reputable international shops.
We have a team of international trade experts, market research and development experts, and customs clearance specialist personnel.


The good news is that currently no money or agency fees are charged for obtaining representation from Simentone.