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At Simentone, we offer you effective ways to create global business connections and grow your business. Using modern international marketing tools, you can find new opportunities in global markets and export your products.

About company

In 2021 to expanding the market and trade between Iran and Turkey and reaching to the regional and global markets in Turkey, the Simentone company has been established. The company activity, in various commercial and production areas has been started.

Simentone company with its production site, warehouse and distribution system in Turkey, ensures a secure export and import of your goods.

Navigation the complex world of international trade can be challenging. At Simentone, we ensure strict compliance with all regulatory standards and trade regulations, providing you with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

Our Mission

Quality in work and services: with knowledge and insight of laws and regulations, correct marketing and choosing effective business strategies, innovation, choosing new solutions, providing different and unique services, global strategy: simultaneous presence in multiple markets, conscious networking and scholarly.

Our vision

There is an effective and continuous presence in the region based on knowledge and scientific principles of international trade. We want to play a strong and long lasting role in the development of exports for small and medium companies.

Our Company Services

The company's technical team

How to cooperate and interact with company representatives

We provide all necessary support to our respected representative as follows:

  • Creating the necessary infrastructure for international marketing as a reputable international company
  • possibility of inviting and receiving your customers in the city of Istanbul and holding business and entertainment meetings for your customers
  • Organizing an international marketing tour in European countries for marketing and sales by marketing experts annually

How to cooperate and interact

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Subsets Of Simentone

Simen Stone

It has an active production area in the field of production and sale of construction and decorative stones. Simenstone is active in the field of natural and decorative stones, tiles and ceramics, iron and steel, plaster, cement, bitumen, pipes and fittings, sanitary valves, construction glass and other industrial construction materials


Simen Art

It is active in the field of production and sale of fiberglass artefacts and sculptures, including all kinds of small, medium and large sculptures, water fountains, the base of fantasy lamps, lampshades, mirror frames, prefabricated Roman facades and other fiberglass artefacts.


Simen Farma

It is active in the field of preparation and supply of raw materials, consumables, devices and quality control equipment for pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and


Simen polymer

You operate in the field of selling all kinds of original Iranian, Turkish and foreign goods in various polymer.