We provide all necessary support to our respected representative as follows:

  • We create and provide you with the necessary infrastructure for international marketing as a reputable international company.
  • We provide special support to your personnel regarding necessary training and new business methods
  • We have the possibility to invite and receive your customers in the city of Istanbul and hold business and entertainment meetings for your customers in the beautiful city of Istanbul.
  • We have the possibility to invite and receive the European audience of your Iranian customers in the city of Istanbul and negotiate face to face with them in the attractive atmosphere of Istanbul.
  • Using expert lawyers, we have the possibility of setting up international contracts in compliance with all laws.
  • Every year we organize an international marketing tour in European countries for marketing and sales by marketing experts. Last year this marketing tour was held for the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.
  • We provide your customers with the opportunity to participate in important trade exhibitions in Turkey or provide all the information they need about the exhibitions held in Turkey.
  • We create the possibility of money transfer and bank guarantees required by your customers with the highest safety and security, and if your customers request, we open a personal account for them in Turkish banks
  • Every year for three days we will host representatives and their families and some of their best personnel chosen by the respected representative on a leisure trip to Istanbul or one of the tourist cities of the beautiful country of Turkey