Introduction of Simentone company

In 2021, with the aim of expanding international trade and supporting producers and owners of small and medium industries who intend to export their products, Simentone Company was established and registered in Turkey with the number of 020725.

Simentone Company has a specialized site for producing decorative and ornamental stones in the city of Çorlu, which is located approximately 160 km from the Turkey-Europe border.

It's advantageous for the company to be near the border, as it may facilitate transportation and trade with European markets.

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Company technical team

Subsets of Simentone Company


It has an active production area in the field of production and sale of construction and decorative stones. Simenstone is active in the field of natural and decorative stones, tiles and ceramics, iron and steel, plaster, cement, bitumen, pipes and fittings, sanitary valves, construction glass and other industrial construction materials.


It is active in the field of production and sale of fiberglass artefacts and sculptures, including all kinds of small, medium and large sculptures, water fountains, the base of fantasy lamps, lampshades, mirror frames, prefabricated Roman facades and other fiberglass artefacts.


It is active in the field of preparation and supply of raw materials, consumables, devices and quality control equipment for pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and

Simen Polymer

You operate in the field of selling all kinds of original Iranian, Turkish and foreign goods in various polymer