Our services include:

Trade and export/import: As international trade contractors, relying on our knowledge and experience in the field of trade relations between Turkey and Iran, we help businesses in the process of exporting and importing their products to the two countries. From consulting on customs issues to facilitating logistics arrangements, we do all the steps with precision and quality.

Exchange of technology and knowledge: It is very important to improve the level of technical knowledge and technology in both countries. We are trying to improve various industries in Iran and Turkey by facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Joint collaborations: Due to the diversity of industries and economic sectors in the two countries, we create new opportunities for cooperation between companies and entrepreneurs by organizing conferences, business meetings and joint collaborations.

Cultural exchanges and tourism: promotion of cultural exchanges and tourism also helps to strengthen bilateral relations. We are trying to strengthen people and cultural relations by promoting tourism and introducing the attractions of the two countries to each other.

In general, our company works as a bridge to create positive communication and establish sustainable relations between these two neighboring countries by focusing on promoting commercial, technical, cultural and economic cooperation between the two countries of Turkey and Iran.